Moldable Development with Glamorous Toolkit
YOW! Sydney 2023

Friday Dec 8
14:30 –
Green Room

Moldable Development with Glamorous Toolkit

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Moldable Development is a way of programming through custom tools built for each development problem. This can lead to thousands of tools per system, many of which might only be used once. I know it sounds quite radical. That’s why I invite you to come to see for yourself why this boosts not only developer productivity, but also developer happiness.

Why should that be the case? These custom tools summarize the system thereby transforming how we reason about it. No, it’s not about generative AI. We talk about a systematic engineering practice of creating custom development experiences. The focus is first and foremost on transforming how we read (or not read) our systems. This introduces a new feedback loop that ends up changing the very nature of programming.

This can all sound theoretical, but this is not a theoretical talk. We show multiple case studies through demos of Glamorous Toolkit (, the technology that makes Moldable Development practical.