Creative Stances of Impactful Product Leadership
YOW! Sydney 2023

Thursday Dec 7
10:30 –
Blue Room

Creative Stances of Impactful Product Leadership


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Creativity in product leadership is at the source of innovation, ingenious problem solving, state-of-the-art user-centric design, market disruption and industry transformation. Creative moves can be bold, counter-intuitive, pre-calculated, masterful and purely accidental. How can product leaders harness and embody multifaceted creativity in their complex environments?

In this interactive talk, Anjali and Nadezhda will help you experience the pulling forces and shapeshifting power of Product Leadership Stances™. With the help of six creative lenses you will learn to recognize the key competencies and areas of focus needed by product leaders in different contexts. We will explore how to integrate seemingly opposing approaches and leverage their collective strength.

Leave this session with a powerful model that enables you to anchor your role as a product leader, tap into creative ways to expand your potential, and guide your professional development in the ever-changing product landscape.