Building Modern Web Applications with Remix
YOW! Sydney 2023

Thursday Dec 7
15:50 –
Green Room

Building Modern Web Applications with Remix

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Server side web frameworks have served us well for many years, but the demand for better user experiences and richer web apps have moved us towards SPAs at the expense of additional complexity and a completely different way of solving problems we solved years ago. Remix changes this, it's a full-stack React framework which embraces web standards, progressive enhancement and doesn't try to re-invent the wheel.

In this talk, you'll learn about the key features and benefits of Remix, including its focus on progressive enhancement and its ability to combine the benefits of server-side web frameworks with the user experience of single-page apps. You'll also see how Remix is a natural fit for developers familiar with existing web frameworks like MVC, Laravel, Ruby on Rails and more!

Join me to see how Remix gives us a hope that the future will a great remix of old proven techniques with the developer and user experience of Single Page Applications.