YOW! Melbourne 2023

Friday Dec 1
10:30 –
Blue Room

So long, Secure Coding - Shifting from syntax to secure software development processes

If you still need to start to shift left, you're late. I mean, the whole world has been shifting application security left for about five years... especially in the wake of DevSecOps.

But have we? Have we really?

Let's look at the data from the language we use, the practices we recommend, the posts we make, and the frameworks we share. We are still stuck in a world focused on ""secure code"" when the code itself is only part of the picture when protecting our data, systems, and people.

This talk will examine why we focus on secure code and how to move towards secure development. Laura will provide practical actions you can take throughout your SDLC, from initial ideas to ongoing systems maintenance and support that you can apply today, whether as an individual team member or across a more complex project.

Let's say goodbye to our dreams of secure code and embrace the idea of secure systems development.