YOW! Melbourne 2023

Friday Dec 1
15:50 –
Green Room

The Jump to Hyperspace: Light Speed, User Agency, & Moving Past the Cloud


Software has become too complex. Getting a web app up and running in your browser locally is very quick, but then you want other people to find and use it. You need to set up persistence, replication, k8s, auth, roles, and more. Why is it so hard to just ship your mocks and collaborate with people? We've been building apps in roughly the same way for 30+ years, surely we have this figured out!

What if we tried a different architecture? Local-first software ("LoFi") is a movement to make building apps easier & faster to ship, and lets users own their online presence. It uses advancements in CRDTs, cryptography, and auth under the hood to enable a better experience that works offline, peer-to-peer, federated, and/or through the cloud.

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