YOW! Brisbane 2022

Tuesday Dec 6
10:30 –
Blue Room

Dancing with Serverless


The serverless approach to development of cloud-native applications has grown steadily over the past 6 years. The company I worked for was an early adopter of serverless technologies and became an Australian and global success story - a true unicorn - whilst staying true to its serverless roots. During this time, my experience of serverless technologies and cloud-native architectures evolved and changed the way I build software. Join me in this to talk to hear how we built our original serverless platform, how our approach evolved, and how I think about and build my applications now. This talk is 100% free of containers.

In this talk we will cover:

  • How A Cloud Guru built its serverless architecture and the way it changed over time.
  • How I build serverless applications today and what is different.
  • Common challenges to the serverless approach of software development and how I deal with them.
  • What are the current serverless challenges and what cloud providers could do to help us.