YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Sydney 2023

Friday Sep 8
09:35 –
Hilton, Level 4 Function Room 1

Data Infused Leadership: Harnessing Data to Lead the Way


Leading at scale can be challenging. Our world, our teams, our tech is all complicated and constantly changing. Culture and strategy are key ingredients for success but how do you know what challenges and opportunities exist? How do you know where to focus your time and if you're having any impact at all?

At REA Group we equip our leaders with skills but we also use data. In this talk, I'll share the qualitative and quantitative approaches we use to gather data and then describe how we harness this for insight and action. With data, you can increase the effectiveness of your tech leaders enabling faster decision making, more effective prioritisation, and common understanding. I'll also share challenges and pitfalls and underpin that data does not replace human judgement - it enables it.