YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Sydney 2023

Friday Sep 8
12:20 –
Hilton, Level 4 Function Room 1

Technical Interview Processes - Surely We Can Do Better


A lot of people have known for a lot of years that the technical interview process has many, many flaws. From pseudo-code white boarding to writing complex algorithms, to multi-day take home tests, bad practices still abound. Additionally many interviewers suffer from lack of focused training (the belief that once you have 5 years coding experience you are a skilled interviewer), gatekeeping, and the belief that the interviewer should be the interrogator.

This talk will cover some better ways to set up the interview process (and culture) for technical hires. They include:

  • What should be avoided
  • How to set up a interview training program
  • What types and how many interviews should your process contain.
  • Understanding candidate care and the philosophy that interviewing is a two way street.
  • How to evaluate your companies interviewers and how you can make them better
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