YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Sydney 2023

Friday Sep 8
14:25 –
Hilton, Level 4 Function Room 1

Building Career Pathways for Engineers

In every Engineers career a point comes where they will ask 'What's next' or 'How do I grow my skills and progress to the next level'. Equally, a Career Manager will regularly ask 'How do I help my mentee excel?'. This is where having clear Career Pathways defined will help.

This talk will cover how we built our career pathways for Engineers and Engineering Managers at Macquarie, whilst scaling to over 1000 Engineers. Topics covered include:

  • Why having a Career Pathways framework is important
  • How to introduce new roles effectively in your organisation
  • How to define a pathway that is fit for your organisation as it grows
  • How to help Career Managers / Mentors