YOW! Sydney 2023

Thursday Dec 7
10:30 –
Green Room

Adaptive Socio-Technical Systems with Architecture for Flow

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In a world of rapid changes and increasing uncertainties, organisations have to continuously adapt and evolve to remain competitive and excel in the market.

For designing and building systems systems that can evolve and thrive in the face of constant changes it requires to tackle the situation from a rather holistic view. It’s essential to understand the competitive business landscape of an organisation and its external rules, to gain a shared understand of the business domain in order to align a system to the business needs and its strategy, and to align teams and their interactions to the system we build and the strategy we plan.

This talk will address how Team Topologies, Wardley Mapping, and Domain-Driven Design can be combined as Architecture for Flow to design and evolve adaptive, socio-technical systems that are optimized for a fast flow of change.

software architecture