Adam Dymitruk
Adaptech Group
Speaker at YOW! Melbourne 2023

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Adam is the author of Event Modeling and has over 3 decades experience in information systems, software development and architecture that defies the limitations of the industry's conventions - in the last 15 years focusing on event-driven approaches. He is also in the top 0.1% of Stack Overflow contributors globally with over 15 million developers reached. He brings C-level and director-level management on the same path and understanding as the rest of the organization with shared vision, strategy and risk mitigation using the business-to-tech bridging strategy through Event Modeling.

Adam is deeply involved with numerous groups and well connected to the industry leaders in the field of software development, architecture and modern methodologies. He introduced PAXOS to the CQRS development efforts which gave rise to a RAFT-like consensus implementation in Event Store. Contributed to Microsoft's Patterns and Practices book on CQRS.

Specialities: Event Modeling, SOA/microservices, Core contribution to CQRS/ES, Distributed Architecture, DDD, BDD, Source Control Management (one of the 3 gold version control badges ever awarded on