Decoding Your Product Leadership DNA
YOW! Melbourne 2023

Decoding Your Product Leadership DNA

Wednesday Nov 29
09:00 –
Cliftons Melbourne, Level 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
897.00 AUD

If you ask ten different product leaders what it takes to excel in their role, you are likely to get ten different answers - and not just because of their unique organizational context, stakeholder ecosystem, product definition, and constellation of personal skills and preferences. The truth is, Product Leadership is an organizational capability that inhabits many facets and dimensions of work.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the dynamic complexity of your role’s expectations to simultaneously:

  • maximize business value
  • effectively and creatively navigate the ever-changing landscape of product insights
  • cultivate generative customer-centric relationships
  • strategically mobilize teams towards an inspiring vision
  • stay grounded in data-informed decisions to support systemic change … you are not alone!

Join our immersive full day workshop to gain clarity on product leadership core competencies and essential perspectives through the Product Leadership Stances™ model. Learn how you can leverage natural synergies and inherent tensions in your work to amplify your impact. Propel your professional development by enhancing the ability to fluently shapeshift and skillfully adapt to your product reality.

To enable you to decode your Product Leadership DNA, we will engage you in highly interactive activities, group discussions and self-reflection exercises. We will share inspiring stories, practical tools, supporting models and creative practices.

The workshop will cover these key concepts and more:

  • Product Leadership Stances™ model
  • stances’ gifts and blindspots
  • go-to stance - personal preferences and habits
  • self-assessment - levels of access to essential product leadership perspectives
  • polarities management
  • ethical product leadership