Lee Campbell
Speaker at YOW! Brisbane 2023

Lee Campbell is a VP of Engineering at VGW with a focus on technology strategy and human development. He helps other people get great software into the world.

Most recently, Lee has been a key contributor to one of Australia's biggest Unicorn companies, but you may never have heard of them. Lee's key methods to success are to provide clear outcomes and pathways to those outcomes. His key tools are creating Learning and Development opportunities through practical engagement, repeatable decision models, and helping others learn-by-teaching.

He has been able to do this while keeping close to the tools, because he has a career spanning over 20 years working across the stack with periods of specialisation in relational databases, frontend and user experience, reactive programming, application and library performance turning and event sourcing. Using his wide industrial exposure across eCommerce, mar-tech, capital markets, gaming, and the government sector he is able to help create teams that can drive sustained delivery success.

Specialties: DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, C#, Reactive Extension to .NET (Rx), TDD, SQL System Design, API Design, Logic and Physical Database design, Durable asynchronous messaging

Formerly: WPF/Silverlight specialist, Composite Applications (Prism), ASP.NET, and T-SQL/SQL Server

Talks at YOW! Brisbane 2023