Tim McGilchrist
Speaker at YOW! Brisbane 2023

  • Principal Software Engineer, Tarides
  • Talk: Systems for supporting the OCaml language community - An experience report

Talks at YOW! Brisbane 2023

Tim McGilchrist is a Principal Software Engineer at Tarides, where he leads the CI and Ops team. They are responsible for the infrastructure and CI systems supporting Tarides and the OCaml programming language. Tim has many years of practical experience delivering business solutions based on Functional Programming languages. He has used OCaml, Haskell, Erlang, Lisp, and functional smart contracting languages, to deliver solutions for a range of businesses in the finance, IOT and data science industries. He is interested in language design and compiler development, systems engineering, and distributed systems.

Tarides is an international software company founded in 2018 by pioneers of secure systems and functional programming, with close links to INRIA, University of Cambridge and IIT Madras. It works on various OCaml based systems including most recently delivering multicore and algebraic effects for the OCaml language, and the MirageOS unikernel. Tarides aims to empower developers, communities, and organisations to adopt OCaml as their primary programming language by providing training, expertise, and development services.