Josh Armitage
Cognizant Servian
Speaker at YOW! Brisbane 2023

Talks at YOW! Brisbane 2023

Josh is best known for his booming voice, truly awful sense of humour and immaculately coiffed hair. Professionally he is a senior engagement partner with Cognizant Servian, and the author of the The Cloud Native Security Cookbook.

Josh specialises in enterprise digital transformations, riding the architect elevator from the engine room to the penthouse. He empowers teams and delivers exceptional outcomes, with a history of resurrecting thought-to-be doomed initiatives.

Previously he has delivered world first event sourced serverless architectures on AWS that propelled a startup to a successful exit, spearheaded the first Australian production usage of Amazon EKS to support some of the world's largest online gaming sites and created the world's first cloud provisioned virtualised mainframe environments.

As a seasoned international speaker, he loves to share the lessons he's learnt in his career hoping that he can save people the pain and lead to happier, more impactful careers.