YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Melbourne 2023

Thursday Sep 7
10:10 –

Demystifying the Pain of Working with Legacy, and Strategies to Make It Easier


We've all seen, heard and read about the multitude of approaches and patterns on how to reduce your legacy footprint. As we've all experience, these are long term propositions, and with no quick fix there is a need to have a strategy for caretaking your legacy system to avoid having a system that will end up holding you hostage.

Without a strategy for caretaking these legacy system, which are often core to the business, working on them is avoided at all costs and almost feel like a punishment. This lack of love and attention leads to a system that is not kept up to date, is only attended to when something unexpectedly breaks and ultimately ends with the company in a position with their hands tied needing to either do a huge, drop everything upgrade or shut it down.

Our answer to this to remove the stigma of "legacy" and start treating them as "heritage listed", affording them the formal recognition of their importance in the organisation. In this talk, I will discuss the strategies and approaches teams should use to take the stress out of legacy and start benefiting from the lessons of the past whilst reducing it's footprint.

Legacy Systems