Agustinus Nalwan
Speaker at YOW! Perth 2023

Agustinus Nalwan, aka Gus, is passionate in technology innovation to make people’s life easier and with over 30 years of experience in software development across industries from 3D/Animation, Games, mobile apps, Computer Vision and AI. Gus currently works at Carsales as the GM of AI, Data Platform & Data Science Carsales. His current mission is to scale up Carsales’ AI capabilities by democratising AI development and productionisation (MLOps) to every software engineer & data scientist and to unify Data Platform, to democratise access the business.

Gus is an AWS Machine Learning Hero and has an extensive experience in Deep Learning, building/architecting a large scale end to end AI/ML pipeline and also loves speaking on AI and future tech related topics at various AI conferences to spread his experience, to get more people to join AI industry and to share crazy techs he built at home where he regularly shared in his blog and YouTube channel.

Talks at YOW! Perth 2023