Performing Better Together with A Culture of Continuous Improvement
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Performing Better Together with A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Hate performance review time? Everyone does! Managers, engineers, and HR teams. It often gets left to the last minute, it becomes a nag fest and receives a slapdash effort.

But it’s a real missed opportunity for both engineers and organisations. Too often goals and skills development is left to the bottom of the priority list, the first to drop off until it reaches performance review time. Or it is used as an excuse for yet another solo secret squirrel project that lacks alignment to the organisation’s planned outcomes.

What if instead your team’s were clear on what skills they should be working on and were regularly developing these skills, in a way that directly aligns with your strategic road map?

It won’t happen by accident, or through hopes and prayers. Instead, it’s setting up simple habits and intentions for yourself and your team combined with an easy to follow communication pattern and candace, and I’m going to show you exactly how. Trust me, it’s easier and less stressful than all the rushing around come performance review time.

What you’ll end up with are more engaged teams, who are constantly building their skills and are excited because their growth is helping you deliver your business objectives quicker and better.

And isn’t that the win, win, win we are all after?