Speaker Nominations

How does one become a YOW! Conference Speaker?

All YOW! speakers are invited by a planning committee. There is no call for presentations, but potential speakers can be nominated by conference attendees, speakers and members of the community. YOW! aims to bring international experts and thought leaders to APAC, many of whom would not normally speak in Australia. Hence the majority of our speakers are from outside Australia.

Talks and Audience

We seek intermediate to advanced talks targeted at those involved in designing and delivering modern software products. Talks vary between 30-45 minutes followed by Q&A. Personal or corporate sales pitches are not accepted and receive strong negative ratings on social media. We do not accept political or religious presentations. All talks will be recorded and published on our Youtube channel.


The conference is not aligned with any vendors, nor with any specific technology or practices. The speaker selection process is completely independent of conference operations, hence sponsoring the conference has no influence on being selected as a speaker.

Variety and Diversity

YOW! is strongly committed to the social and technical diversity of speakers and topics. Speakers include outstanding local speakers along with established international experts. We have a strict policy restricting the same speaker from speaking more than two years in a row. This helps ensure we welcome new speakers on new topics each year.

Selection Process

The planning committee will assess each nomination based on the speaker’s information and materials. Proven expertise and speaking experience are a plus.

Have someone in mind?

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