YOW! Melbourne 2023

Building and Operating High Fidelity Data Streams

Low latency data streaming technology and practices remain a hot and trending topic among data engineers today. At its core, it promises to deliver data in near real time in order to provide snappy data-driven user experiences. This experience comes in many forms including low latency updates to social news feeds, near-real time payment fraud prevention, time-relevant recommender systems used in flash sales, self-driving car route planning, and more. Our need to stay engaged has made low latency data streams a critical part of modern data architectures.

While it may seem trivial to get a data streaming POC up and running, productionalizing such a system under strict SLAs with the aid of a lean engineering team requires making the right choices but also learning from mistakes along the way. At Datazoom, we built a lossless streaming data system that guarantees sub-second (p95) event delivery at scale with better than three nines availability – we measure availability in terms of the on-time delivery of events. Come to this talk to learn how you can build such a system soup-to-nuts.

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